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All types of insurance

We understand all types of insurance and will help find a policy that makes sense for you.

Examples include: Company health, company life, company disability, company pension, company travel, company liability, cyber liability, property, business interruption, key person, director and officer liability, employment practices liability, commercial auto, etc.

Our company insurance policies

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Company health insurance

An annual budget for your employees that supplements their public or private health insurance.

Our comprehensive plan can be used for expenses like visual aids, dental treatments, and many more.

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Company life insurance

Company life insurance (or group life insurance) is a benefit provided by employers to their employees which will issue a lump sum payment to the employee's beneficiaries in the event of their death.
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Company disability insurance

Disability insurance provides financial assistance to employees who are unable to work. The public system in Germany only offers very basic cover in this situation, so many employers choose to top this up.
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Company pension insurance

In Germany an employee can request part of their salary to be contributed into a company pension plan. The company can decide how to set this up, but they must offer one if requested.
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Company travel insurance

If your employees are travelling for work outside of their home country, you need to provide health insurance cover. This is both for short retreats and longer placements.
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