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How to sign up for student health insurance

In order to sign up for student health insurance, you'll just need to be registered at an accredited university in Germany (which you can check with us), submit your address, banking details, and proof of registration!.

Fully digital (no paperwork required)

We’ve partnered with the biggest public health insurance providers in Germany to create a fully digital application process, so you can focus on settling into student life.

Reliable customer support in English

Moving to Germany is hard enough, and having to deal with health insurance in a foreign language at the same time can be pretty stressful. Let us handle German parts for you.

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Who is eligible for student health insurance?
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Students under 30

are eligible for student health insurance.

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Students 30 years old or older

are no longer eligible under the public system. More Info

For students who want an exemption letter

If you’re from the EU, you might want to keep your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). But, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind.

While the EHIC card is a great way to travel on holiday throughout the EU, there can be some issues when using it long-term in another country. Long-term tends to mean more than 6 months -- However, this actually depends on your health insurance provider.

You’ll need to contact your health insurance provider and let them know how long you plan to stay in Germany and for what reasons to ensure you’re still covered. If you don’t contact them, you might be violating their conditions which might cause you to go uninsured for a period of time abroad.

The last thing we’d like you to watch out for is the fact that some people do experience issues after 6 months, regardless of their health insurance provider’s initial response. You can lose coverage from your EHIC if you work in any capacity (even small job), a misfiled document, or a doctor’s inexperience with foreign health insurance cards.

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Information for working students

If you plan on working part-time while studying, you’ll be considered a working student after making more than €450 per month (anything under this amount would be considered a mini-job). You'll need to get German health insurance when you plan on taking on either a working student position or a mini-job.

Please also note that additional rules apply if you’re a student from outside the EU. Non-EU students are only allowed to work 240 half-days or 120 full days per year, along with the normal restrictions. Even if you stay within the limit of 20 hours per week, if you go over the yearly allowance of half-day or full-day, you may not be able to keep your visa.

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