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What is company health insurance in Germany?

An annual budget for your employees that supplements their public or private health insurance.

Our comprehensive plan can be used for expenses like visual aids, dental treatments, and many more that aren’t covered by their usual insurance with better reimbursements.

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How does company insurance work?

It's simple - you select a tier for your team, which gives them a fixed annual budget to use on medical expenses.

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Simple, digital process for employers

Onboarding of existing and new employees is handled quickly online. You pay Feather the discounted premiums,, and your employees submit their claims directly with us.

Why Feather?
Record fast reimbursement
We reimburse claims within 1 to 5 days (not weeks or months as with traditional insurers).
Best coverage on the market
We offer you the best value for money and your employees the best coverage available.
Fully digital, under one account
Sign-ups and claims are handled online; multi-policy holders enjoy one account for all their insurances.
Both in English and German
Ideal for international employers, our website and team offers support in German or English.

What’s covered?

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Visual and hearing aids
Cost of prescription hearing aids, glasses and lenses.
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Refractive eye surgery
Offset the costs of this surgery with the annual budget.
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Preventive medical check-ups
Early detection of diseases and medical exams for sports.
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Naturopathic treatment
Natural remedies, acupuncture and other holistic treatment are covered.
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Medicines, dressings, remedies and aids
Cost of medication not covered by public health plan.
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Statutory co-payments
Claim back co-payment of treatments done through public insurance.
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Dental treatment
Including high-end fillings, implants, night-guards and inlays.
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Dental prophylaxis
Prophylactic dental cleanings not covered by public insurances.
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Preventative shots against flu and ticks; only excluding vaccinations for travel.

What’s not covered?
Illnesses and accidents based on intent
Also their consequences are not covered.
Withdrawal measures
Including treatment or illness caused by withdrawal.
Events caused by war
Injury caused during or as a result of war.
Treatments outside Germany
Only treatments in Germany can be reimbursed.

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