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Finacial assistance while you're unable to work.
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What is company disability insurance?

Disability insurance provides financial assistance to employees who are unable to work. The public system in Germany only offers very basic cover in this situation, so many employers choose to top this up.

Offering disability insurance can increase both employee loyalty and retention, and is great value in particular for higher income desk job employees.

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How does company disability insurance work?

If your employees are unable to work due to a disability, this insurance pays the lost income. The most common disabilities are mental illnesses like burnout or coordination impairments like chronic back pain.

There are no out of pocket costs for your employees! They'll also have full access to our support team should they have questions about the policy or the other insurance products we offer.

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Simple, digital process for employers

Onboarding of existing and new employees is handled quickly online. Employees have access to a personalised Feather account, where they can view policy details and more.

Why Feather?

Low fess
We're 100% digital, and pass the cost savings on to your employees
Best coverage on the market
We offer you the best value for money and your employees the best coverage available.
Fully digital, under one account
Sign-ups and claims are handled online; multi-policy holders enjoy one account for all their insurances.
Both in English and German
Ideal for international employers, our website and team offers support in German or English.

What’s covered?

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Debt and Mortgage
If you currently have any debt or a mortgage, disability insurance will compensate for any lost income and allow you to meet monthly repayments for these financial obligations.
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Lost Income
If you depend on your current income, insurance will jump in to provide you with a higher income than unemployment would (which some people might not even be entitled to).
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Childcare and Education
If you’re paying for the education of your child or partner, having a safety net in case of a potential disability would provide the necessary finances to continue.
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Personal Lifestyle
If you’re used to going on vacation, going out to eat, going to the movies, or doing other things that require your current income, disability insurance will help you keep this standard of living.

What’s not covered?

Performance-based unemployment
If you get fired or quit your job and are physically and mentally fit, then insurance will not cover this. It covers you if you are incapable of working to a certain extent and not because you wish to remain unemployed.
Short-term illnesses
Short-term illnesses like the flu or food poisoning that last about a week or a broken wrist that lasts 6 weeks are almost always covered under health insurance and your employer’s sick leave.
Occupations that aren’t covered
Certain dangerous occupations aren’t covered, like working with hazardous substances, in crisis areas, at a height of more than 10 meters, in aviation, in diving, in mountain sports, in martial arts, in motor sports, and in other high-risk fields.
Intentionally caused illnesses
Intentionally caused occupational disabilities are not covered (including self-harm and attempted suicide). Our mental health add-on will cover these situations if it’s proven that these acts were committed in a state of pathological and mental disturbance.

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