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What is dog liability insurance?

Dog liability insurance pays for the damage your dog causes to third parties. As a dog owner, you are legally responsible for your dog's actions.

It's mandatory in some regions of Germany (Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein) and in certain parts of Europe. Our dog liability insurance fulfils the legal requirements for having insurance in Germany.

What’s covered?

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Medical injuries to other people

If your dog gets excited and runs into someone, causing them to fall and hurt themselves, your policy will cover the expenses.
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Damage to rented apartments

Did your dog decide to chew up your rented furniture? Relax and keep your security deposit when you move out!
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Property damage

You'll be covered if your dog damages someone's belongings (E.g. your friend's carpet or laptop).
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Financial loss

If your dog bites the mailperson and they can't work after that, dog liability insurance will cover you.
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Worldwide coverage

If you’re already covered with Feather’s dog liability insurance and planning on leaving Germany for an extended period your policy covers damages anywhere you travel to.

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Best coverage guarantee

You don’t need to spend time comparing coverages since we’ll cover any claim that would be covered by other dog liability insurance in Germany.

Insurance terms and conditions apply.

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What’s not covered?

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Damage to your own property

Replacement or repair of things you own is not covered by dog liability.
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Rented electronics

If your dog damages an electronic device you rented from someone else, it’s not covered.
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Broken glass in your own home

If you’re renting a flat, glass breakage isn’t covered. You can get household insurance to cover glass.
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Purebred dangerous breeds

While we do cover mixed breeds of dangerous dogs, we cannot cover purebred dogs that are classified as dangerous. Check the complete list below.
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Dogs breeds that are considered dangerous

• American PitBull Terrier
• American Staffordshire Terrier
• Bullmastiff
• Bullterrier
• Dogo Argentino
• Dogue de Bordeaux
• Fila Brasileiro
• Mastiff
• Mastín Español
• Mastino Napoletano
• Pitbull-Terrier
• Rottweiler
• Staffordshire Bullterrier
• Tosa Inu
(The list applies only to purebred dogs.)

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