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What is company pension insurance?

In Germany an employee can request part of their salary to be contributed into a company pension plan. The company can decide how to set this up, but they must offer one if requested.

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What types of company pension plan exist?

There are 5 types of company pension: Direktversicherung, Pensionskasse, Unterstützungskasse, Pensionsfonds, Pensionszusage. For most small to medium sized companies, the best option is a low fees Direktversicherung which is a "direct insurance".

Colleagues in a meeting talking about pension insurance

How direct insurance works

Both the employee and employer contribute money each month into a low cost pension ETF. Whatever happens, the pension earns returns over time and is there for the employee when they retire - wherever they may be in the world.

Why Feather?

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Top employee satisfaction

Employees have easy and understandable access to their company pension plan
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Low fees

We're 100% digital, and pass the cost savings on to your employees
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Save time

Both you and your employees have easy access and allows employees to manage most settings themselves.
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Both in English and German

Ideal for international employers, our website and team offers support in German or English.

Company Pension "Direktversicherung" Highlights

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Tax free savings
Your pension contributions come from you pre-tax gross salary.
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Payout worldwide
Our plan allows worldwide payout.
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Additional pension
An additional attractive pension plan for employees.
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No liability on employer
Other types of pension can be a liability.
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Low hassle
Completely taken care of by partner.
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Easy on- and off-boarding
Off-boarding is final with no obligations arising after leaving the company.
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Low cost
Optional: Use the low cost ETFs instead of expensive managed funds.
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Employee motivation
Pension planning is becoming more and more important especially in Germany.
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Legally compliant
Fulfils the legal requirements of a pension plan in Germany.

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