Pet health insurance in Germany

Comprehensive coverage — no limits on surgeries

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Woman laying with her ginger cat after veterinary visit

Why get pet health insurance with Feather?

No worrying about expensive veterinary bills, our insurance has you covered when your pet needs you most.

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Free choice of veterinarian or pet clinic

No restriction on which licensed vets or clinics you can use, you're free to go with your preferred choice.

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Worldwide coverage

Travelling with your pet? Their health insurance coverage is global, for your peace of mind.

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Customisable plans

From the level of coverage to the deductible, we'll build a plan that's right for your pet and your pocket.

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Which pets are covered?

Currently, we offer pet health insurance for dogs and cats, who should be over 8 weeks old or under 9 years old when the policy is purchased. They may not be eligible for coverage if they suffer from certain pre-existing conditions.

Woman and her dog choosing the right pet health insurance

Choose your plan

Different pets - and owners- have different needs. We offer you the flexibility of having two different levels of coverage to choose from, with our surgery coverage and standard coverage plans.

Want to know more?

You can get a personal quote or talk to us to learn more about the plans!

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What’s not covered?

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Surgeries for pre-existing conditions

Operations for illnesses, accidents, congenital, genetic or acquired abnormalities of which you were aware prior to the start of the policy.
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Breed standardization procedures

Treatments and operations that serve to establish the respective breed standard that are not deemed medically necessary.
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Brachycephalic syndrome treatment

Treatments and operations required due to brachycephalic syndrome, such as the operation on a soft palate that is too long.
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Pets must not be 9 years old or older

Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old and no older than 9 years old on the start date of the pet health insurance.

Some considerations

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Waiting Periods
There is a 1 month waiting period before you can begin using the policy. However, this doesn’t apply in case of accidents, or (for standard cover) preventative treatments. There is also an 18 month waiting period for surgical eyelid corrections and hip joint dysplasia.
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When it comes to deductibles the choice is yours - pay a little more and enjoy peace of mind with a €0 deductible for covered medical expenses, or save on your monthly premiums and opt for 20% deductible when the need for treatment arises.

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