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Feather offers honest, simple, and paperfree insurance solutions—all in English. We mold our recommendations to our customers’ individual health, financial, and long-term planning needs. Our digital platform enables quick, easy sign-ups for both public and private health insurance, as well as personal liability, household contents, and legal insurance.
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Relocation agents

Navigating bureaucracy on behalf of someone else is stressful enough. We can help you by simplifying your client’s insurance and making sure that they sign up for the right coverage.

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Blogging about life in Germany in your spare time? Earn a passive income by recommending us to your expat friends or audience.

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Creating videos about your life in Germany or how the relocation process works? Monetize your expertise by recommending us in your videos.

“How-to” guides

Do you have a comprehensive guide or blog that takes a deep dive into the process of moving to Germany? Offer the easiest, English-language insurance solutions to your readers—and get paid for doing so.