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What is professional liability insurance and who needs it?


Protection against professional mistakes

Let’s say you’re programing a software for a crane, and something breaks. This could easily cost you upwards of €25,000 depending on the damage. We’ll cover it.


A must for freelancers

You’re also covered if a company fails to pay for your services or claims your work as their intellectual property without consent.

What’s covered?
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Legal and contractual liability
You're covered if you need the defense against unjustified claims arising from legal and contractual liability.
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Infringement of third party rights
Protection in case of infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties, personal rights, and license rights.
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Damage you’ve caused
Coverage for losing a password needed for the system to function, being too sick to fulfill a contract, or even being fired for incompetence.
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Fair policy term
Six months of retroactive coverage beyond the policy term without the existence of prior insurance.

A focus on IT professionals

Our policy has been extended with the following modules:

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Business Liability

If you’re running a business, you can get yourself and your employees covered for professional mistakes.

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Cyber Clear Start

Covers faulty data security, mistakes made for data protection, mishandled data (i.e. accidental deleting), and more.

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Production downtime

Did you cause a production stop? This can cost millions depending on the industry. With this module, you’re covered.

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Third party property

Given important documents to look out for? Worried about the 3D printer you need to bring home? You’re covered.

Which activities are not covered?
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Not fulfilling contracts

If you don’t fulfill your contractual obligations, then you won’t be covered. If you fulfill them poorly, this will be covered.

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Driving or flight safety

If you’re working in the transportation industry where people can be injured or killed from your mistakes, we won’t cover this.

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Medical technology with use on humans

If you’re working with medical technology that’s being tested or used on humans for health reasons, we won’t cover this.

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Financial services

If your work is specifically in transactions for finance market, we won’t cover any liability that may arise.

Plans for almost every occupation

IT, marketing, consulting, journalism, real estate, translators, data protection, media professionals, and much more.

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Examples of when you can use professional liability
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Data recovery

A widespread and severe system crash occurs during maintenance in a company serviced by you. After restarting the system, it turns out that data has been deleted and must be restored in the shortest possible time.

You’ll receive the reimbursement for the expenses of data recovery of €8,000 in full.

Smart manufacturing malfunctions

You’re taking a 3D image of a factory to make sure their new machine can fit into their current floorplan, but you accidentally delete the file and need have an unplanned production stop to redo your work.

You’ll be covered up to €250,000 in expenses on our basic plan, and up the full amount of €3,000,000 on our premium plan.

Protection against lawsuits

A freelancer installed and customized standard software for a hospital. In real-time operation, it turns out that data processing is significantly slower than before.

The cause is errors in the software or database architecture that could have been detected in a trial run. The hospital appoints a lawyer to assert a five-figure claim for damages.

We supports the freelancer in defending the claim -- the amount of the claim cannot be proven in court and the software is adjusted.

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