Disability insurance starting at €50 a month

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Debt and Mortgage

Disability insurance covers existing financial obligations like your mortgage. Get security from unexpected unemployment with job insurance to protect you and your loved ones.

Lost Income

Are you the primary source of income for your family? Get insurance to cover you and your loved ones during unpredictable times while preparing for the future.

Childcare and Education

Are you currently paying for education, childcare, or other financial obligations for loved ones? Job insurance can provide for them if you’re no longer able to work.

Personal Lifestyle

You might think the government will cover your current financial obligations, and while they provide a small amount of help, most get job insurance to cover the gap.

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What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance acts as an income buffer if you’re no longer able to work. The most common reasons for the unexpected loss of employment we see are illness, accidents, and even burnout.

Government assistance used to cover a lot more — especially for those born before 1961, but after the law changed, this funding was significantly reduced.

If you stopped working today and don’t qualify for the former funding due to age, you could expect to only get roughly a third of your current income. On top of that, to qualify for this third, you have to be working within the German system for five years, and be physically unable to do any job.

Depending on your type of work and visa status, this can get even more complicated.

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