Switch to private health insurance: Save up to €444/month while accessing better & faster care

Fully digital switching process with policy management and support in English.
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Why private health insurance

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Less expensive than public

Since private insurance takes on customers based on their health, it is generally cheaper than public, especially if you sign-up early, while you’re younger and healthier. Once signed up, your premium will not increase because you become older.

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Faster appointments and better coverage

Most doctors reserve appointments for private health insurance holders, which makes it easier for you to access healthcare in your area, especially in big cities. In addition to that, you generally get better coverage compared to public insurance, for example in terms of dental and vision care.

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On certain plans only

Yearly cashback

If you make no claims during a calendar year, you will receive a payout the following year. The payout increases every consecutive year without claim.

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Good to know

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Getting older won’t affect your price

The price is based on your age when you sign-up. It then only increases when overall healthcare costs go up – historically about 2% per year for public and private insurance alike.

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Eligibility depends on your income and health

The minimum income threshold for private depends on your occupation and age. On the health side, we look at your medical history for any pre-existing conditions.

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Your dependents could be eligible at an extra cost

Thinking of adding your dependents? Check their eligibility now to make sure your whole family can be on private health insurance.

What happens after I apply for a switch?

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Eligibility check
If more information is needed, we'll reach out. In the rare cases where medical exams are required, we'll reimburse you.
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Confirmation of private
Get the confirmation of coverage for your employer, visa, as well as tax purposes in your Feather account.
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Cancelation of public
We will take care of canceling your public insurance. We will only proceed with this step after your private health confirmation.
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You’ll be charged on the start date you’ve selected or within a few days of the confirmation if the start date is in the past.
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How does health affect my eligibility?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions and still apply for private insurance through Feather, please keep in mind that some might lead to coverage restrictions or a surcharge. Check out which conditions always lead to denial in our comprehensive article.
Read more on pre-existing conditions

Why Feather?

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Top-rated English support
If you’re unable to solve a problem, we can assist you online via video call or by email.
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Digital account management
Manage your health insurance policy online, including updating information or claims.
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Customized coverage
Choose between different plans to adjust your coverage to your needs.
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Everything in one account
Health, liability, household, and other insurance policies can all be managed in one account.

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