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What’s covered?
Damage to rented apartments
Scratches on the floor, new paint needed for the walls, and a crack in the sink? Keep your security deposit when you move out!
Lost keys
Lost your keys in the "hole of no return" in front of your door? Liability insurance will cover the cost of replacing them!
Damage caused by small pets
Did your cat scratch the floor? Did your parrot decide that it was time to destroy your landlord's chair? It's all covered!
Unintentional damage to others
Accidentally collided with someone during a football game? You're covered for any medical costs or lost wages if they're unable to work.
What isn’t covered?
Broken glass
If there is a broken window or glass in your apartment, this is unfortunately not covered by liability insurance.
Damage to your own property
Damage to your own belongings, to belongings in a rental property, or to your own home is not covered.
If you need to get a locksmith to break into your apartment after losing your key, you'll only be covered for the key, not the break-in.
Fines and penalties
Any fines and penalties from damages caused by not following the law like crossing the street on a red light is not covered.

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