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Why get pension insurance?

The German mandatory public pension is only enough to cover basics, therefore, even the government recommends topping up with a private plan.

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Full flexibility on withdrawals

Save for your pension without the worry of knowing the money is locked up till retirement. Withdraw money any month.

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Take the pension with you worldwide

Get full flexibility on location for both, paying in and paying out.

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Choose the best way to get your pension

One-off payment
Monthly pension for the rest of your life
Some split between the two above

Estimate your pension

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Advantages of pension insurance

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Tax efficient payouts

Normally you have to pay taxes on profits from investments. With the Feather pension plan, you'll have considerable tax advantages from the start of your retirement.

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Low cost pension

With a total Feather cost of €1.50 + 0.72% all-in and no upfront fees, we are much cheaper than the market.

Why Feather?

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Best-rated support in Germany
If you’re unable to solve a problem, we can assist you online via video call or by email.
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Digital account management
Manage your health insurance policy online, including updating information or claims.
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Customized coverage
Choose between different plans to adjust your coverage to your needs
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Everything in one account
Health, liability, household, and other insurance policies can all be managed in one account.
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