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Why legal insurance?

Disputes arise when we expect them least, and legal bills can be costly. Legal insurance protects you in most areas of your personal and professional life.

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Peace of mind for legal matters

Feel confident asserting your rights through legal action and secure if a legal case is brought against you.

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Free consultations

Need advice or the opinion of a legal expert? Whenever an issue arises, book a call with a lawyer through your Feather account.

What’s covered?

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Protection against matters related to your private life. E.g. contractual issues with your gym membership or instances of your phone provider overcharging you.

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Legal protection for unjustified parking fines or accusations, deciding who is at fault for an accident, and hit-and-run cases where you're the victim.

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Disputes related to your employment. E.g. wrongful termination, termination agreement, or your rights during maternity leave.

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What isn’t covered?

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Immigration matters

Matters relating to immigration, visas, and residence permits cannot be covered by the policy.

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Reviewing contracts as a preventive measure

Legal insurance is a damage insurance rather than a preventative one. As such, coverage is only provided if there is a breach or damage.

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Self-employment and freelancers

The policy does not cover business activities for self-employment as a main occupation or activities associated with running a business.

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Anticipated, ongoing, or occurred legal problems

Any matter for which the initial cause of the issue happened in the past or before the end of the respective waiting period.

Some considerations

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Waiting periods

A waiting period is the amount of time you must wait starting from the commencement date until some or all of your coverage comes into effect.

This time will vary based on the policy chosen and the area of law your matter pertains to. The standard waiting period for legal insurance is 3 to 6 months.

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What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount you have to pay once for every insured legal claim.

This deductible only applies for insured legal matter, so the initial phone consultations are always free.

The deductible usually starts at €300, but might be lower if you held legal insurance in Germany in the past 5 years. After the first claim is paid out, the deductible increases to €500, and reduces by €100 every claim-free insurance year. If your claim can be solved below €250 no deductible has to be paid.

Who else can be covered?

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Your partner

A spouse, registered partner
or life partner that lives at the same address as you will be covered for ~€10 per month.

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Your children

Children under 18 and children without permanent employment are generally automatically included.

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