Expat health insurance starting at €72 a month

Get coverage for your first real visa in Germany in 2 minutes. Cancel anytime.
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Who can benefit from expat health insurance?
New arrivals

This covers expats and freelancers who don’t yet have full-time employment in Germany.

Visa seekers

Anyone applying for a first time visa or residence permit needs health insurance. This covers almost all visas.


Enrolled in a coding program or language school? This plan covers you for the duration of your stay.

Mini-jobbers and interns

Earning less than €450 a month? Or are you only in Germany for a summer internship? Our expat plan has you covered.

Post-docs and researchers

Highly trained professionals who are neither university students nor employees may have difficulty registering for public health insurance in Germany. In this case, our expat plan is perfect for you.

What is expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance (sometimes referred to as “incoming insurance”) is a great solution for your first few years in Germany. It’s good, affordable coverage that fulfills the legal requirements for obtaining your first visa or temporary residence permit. Signup is simple and payments are made month-to-month. Cancel anytime with just one click. Some visa exclusions apply.

What’s covered?
Accidents and emergencies

This plan covers any unexpected medical treatments and procedures, as well as associated follow-up costs.

Serious illness

If a sudden illness requires treatment or hospitalization, this plan covers all costs.

Ambulance Transport

If you are injured or have health problems that require you to be transported by an ambulance to a medical facility as an , your costs will be covered.


In particularly serious cases, you may need to return to your home country for treatment. Our expat plan will cover the travel costs.

Dental check ups - *Premium only

Up to €200/year for preventive dental care.

Glasses or contacts - *Premium only

Up to €200/year for visual aids like glasses or contacts.

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Public, private, or expat?

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