Expat health insurance

Starting at €72/month for Indian expats moving to Germany. Cancel monthly.

A couple comparing insurance options.
A couple comparing insurance options.

Why get expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance (sometimes referred to as “incoming insurance”) is a great solution for your first year or two in Germany.

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Health insurance support for your visa

Depending on your visa requirements this could be a suitable option. Get in touch with us for more details.

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Fast & easy digital claims

File and manage claims online: just take a photo and submit it in your Feather account.

Who can benefit from expat health insurance?

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New arrivals
If you’re moving to Germany for the first time, expat health insurance could be the perfect choice for you.
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Freelancers who would like a cost effective insurance or are not eligible for public or private insurance.
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Visa seekers
If your visa demands minimum legal requirements to live in Germany, expat insurance could be an option for you.
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Enrolled in a coding program or language school? This policy covers you for the duration of your studies.
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Post doctorates and researchers
Highly trained professionals who are neither university students nor employees.
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“Mini jobbers” or interns
Earning less than €520 a month? If you’re in Germany for a summer internship, our expat policy has you covered.

What’s covered?

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Accidents and emergencies

This plan covers any unexpected medical treatments and procedures, as well as associated medical follow up costs.

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Sudden illness and hospitalization

Coverage for sudden non pre-existing illness that requires treatment or hospitalization.

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In severe cases, you may need to return to your home country for treatment. Our expat policy will cover the travel costs.

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Coverage across the EU & Schengen area

Additional coverage in your home country for 6 weeks per year after 1 year on the policy.

What isn’t covered?

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Pre-existing conditions

Treatments related to pre-existing conditions are not covered.
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Check-ups without symptoms

The policy does not cover routine check-ups or any new conditions discovered during check-ups.
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Regular vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are only covered in the advanced plan.
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Mental health therapy

If you need to get psychotherapy appointments or treatments, those cannot be covered by the policy.

Plans that fit your lifestyle

Not everyone has the same needs, which is why we offer different plans.

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Advantages of expat health insurance

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Visit private or public hospitals

You have a free choice of doctors, dentists, and hospitals recognized and accredited in Germany or the destination country.

Simply remember that hospitals must be under permanent medical management and have sufficient diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

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Only with Feather

Easily upgrade to public or private health insurance

If you get a job, you can request to upgrade directly in your Feather account and we will assist you with the transition.

In most cases, we can even refund any overlap to ensure you are not double charged at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Public, private, or expat?

We can show you the pros and cons based on your lifestyle.

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