Student health insurance in Germany

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Signing up for student public insurance in Germany

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1. Before arriving to Germany

Submit your application through Feather: only the acceptance letter is required.

Preliminary confirmation of public insurance: receive it within 3 days per email - if you need to apply for National D visa, it might be required.

M10 Meldung: insurance provider will confirm your insurance status to your university automatically, so you can get enrolled. This happens directly between the insurance provider and your uni, so you will not be notified. You can check with your uni within 3 days.

Travel health insurance: it might be requested if you are applying for National D visa.

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2. Arrive in Germany

After arriving, you can complete your insurance application by providing:

• Enrolment letter of your uni, German bank account, and your German address.

• You’ll get the final confirmation of insurance in your Feather account.

Still have some questions?
Follow along with this detailed tutorial video that will help you streamline your sign-up process.

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Who is eligible for student public health insurance?

Students under 30 are eligible for student public health insurance.

Students 30 years old or older are only eligible for expat health insurance; it will be sufficient for your first visa and cover you for up to 5 years in Germany from day one.

Students looking at forms.

Why Feather?

Moving to Germany is hard enough, and having to deal with health insurance at the same time can be pretty stressful. Let us handle the hard part for you.

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Tailored to your needs

Our personalised recommendations ensure your health insurance suits your lifestyle—and budget.

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Simple and in English

Enjoy a fully digital sign-up with no paperwork. If you have any questions, our team is ready to support you in English.

Not sure which insurance is right for you?

See the pros and cons of our insurances and get a monthly premium estimate for each based on your lifestyle.

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Some considerations

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For students who need an exemption, or EU/EEA insurance confirmation.

If you are insured in one of the countries Germany has a social agreement with, and want to remain insured there, or you want to get on private insurance in Germany, you can read through our FAQ, and proceed accordingly.

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For working students

If you plan on working while studying, you can keep your student public insurance and still pay a fix monthly contribution regardless of your earnings. Same goes if you are privately (Incoming) insured, there will be no change in price. These rules apply for mini jobs, and so called working student contracts.
If you initially chose to keep your EU/EEA home insurance, you will have to sign up for a German insurance at the moment you start generating any income in Germany

Frequently asked questions

See our FAQ page for more answers.

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