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600,000 bikes are stolen each year in Germany
Only 1 bike out of 10 is recoveredarrow up right, a bike insurance is your peace of mind for getting a new one.
10% are recovered
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Can my bike be covered?
It has to be new and purchased in the last 6 months. We will soon be adding classic cover for new bikes purchased more than 6 months ago, as well as for carbon frame bikes.
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What's covered?
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Covers the loss of the bike through theft, burglary and robbery.

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Parts theft

Covers parts that are permanently attached to the bike.

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Battery protection

Insured against theft, damage and wear and tear.

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Malicious and willful damage by unknown third parties.

damaged wheel

Repair costs arising from accidents, operating and production errors.

worn down

Including batteries if the performance capacity is undercut by 50%.

Let’s cover your shiny new bike

It only takes 2 minutes.

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What are the basic conditions?
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A good lock

Lock of at least €29 for bikes under €1,000, at least €49 for bikes over €1,000. Read more in the FAQ below

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Secured to a permanent object

The bike is only covered if locked to an immovable object.

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Parts are permanently attached

Bike parts need to be securely attached to the bike to be covered.

Frequently asked questions
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