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600,000 bikes are stolen each year in Germany

Only 1 bike out of 10 is found. Bike insurance will pay for the replacement for your bike, as well as any accessories you added to your policy.

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Can my bike be covered?

Bikes purchased new from an official dealer and within the last 6 months can be covered.

If your bike was purchased longer than 6 months ago or has a carbon frame, you can instead cover it under our household insurance. Check our FAQ to learn more about exclusions.

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Let’s cover your shiny new bike

Let’s cover your shiny new bike

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What are the basic conditions?

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A good lock

You need a lock of at least €29 for bikes under €1000, or at least €49 for bikes over €1000.

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Provide documentation

The bike's frame number and the invoice/receipt must be on file with your policy.

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Reside in Germany

Everyone over 18 years old with a place of residence in Germany can be insured.

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