Pension insurance in Germany from €50 per month

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Why get pension insurance?

Statutory pension insurance only may not cover your basic expenses. Therefore, the government advises topping up with a private plan.

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Full flexibility

Increase, decrease, or pause your monthly contributions based on your lifestyle. Withdraw money whenever you want.

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Take the pension with you worldwide

Unsure about staying in Germany long-term? No problem, your pension plan will move with you.

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No upfront fees

Don't pay any extra at the start, so more of your money can go towards investments.

Estimate your pension

Monthly contributions




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Advantages of pension insurance

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Choose the best way to get your pension

One-off payment
Monthly pension for the rest of your life
Some split between the two above

Friends discussing pension plans.

Tax efficient payouts

Normally you have to pay taxes on profits from investments. With the Feather pension plan, you'll have considerable tax advantages from the start of your retirement.

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Our general fees

Upfront fees: €0
Management: €1.50 monthly + €0.5% per year
Investment: €0.2% per year

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Cost Efficiency

Our policy is an ETF-based product; ETFs usually have cheaper fees compared to other regular mutual funds. This means you keep more of your money over time.

Profit potential

ETFs let you invest in the stock market, so you can make money as the market grows over the years. That’s why this is the smartest way to build up retirement savings for the future.

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Why Feather?

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Best-rated support in Germany
If you’re unable to solve a problem, we can assist you online via video call or by email.
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Digital account management
Manage your pension insurance policy online, including updating information or claims.
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Customized coverage
Choose between different plans to adjust your coverage to your needs
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Everything in one account
Health, liability, household, and other insurance policies can all be managed in one account.
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