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Coverage for you and your belongings

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For fires, robberies, water damage, and other situations

Regardless of if your belongings were stolen, burned, or soaked, you’re covered under household insurance.

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Accommodation during emergencies

If you can no longer live in your apartment due to a fire or flood (extended coverage), insurance will pay for 180 days of accommodation.

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What's covered?

damaged pipe

Water damage (from pipes)

You're covered if a pipe explodes, and you're left with water damage throughout your apartment.

toaster on fire


Fires are unpredictable. Insurance will cover the cost of your belongings and accommodation.

water leaking from container

Water damage (from containers)

You’re covered if water from an aquarium, water bed, or kiddie pool damages your belongings.

damaged lamp


If someone damages your belongings during a break-in, it's also included in your coverage.

moving trolley


If you’re moving, both apartments are temporarily covered until you’re in the new apartment.

Customize with add-ons

We also offer additional coverage through add-ons.

broken window
broken bike lock

Bicycle theft

If your bike, saddle, lights, or basket are stolen inside or outside your home, insurance will pay to replace it.

broken glass

Broken glass

Regardless if it’s a regular window, an aquarium, or even your induction stovetop, you’re covered.



Left your keys in your apartment door? Accidentally left a candle burning? You’re covered.

moving truck

Moving expenses

If you’re no longer able to live inside of your apartment due to an insured event, you can get €5,000 of support.

What’s not covered?

Building fixture

Building fixtures

Things like doors or sinks are not covered as they are building fixtures and are covered by property insurance.

power plug

Blown fuse

Electronics damaged through blown fuses are not covered (unless from lightning), but rather electronics insurance.


Pipes (under the floor)

Pipes under the floor or in the walls are not covered as the landlord should cover them under household insurance.

soldier's helmet

Large-scale conflict

If large-scale conflict breaks out in Germany which causes damages to your household or belongings, you're not covered.

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Should I get household contents or liability insurance?

Both household and liability insurance sound like similar plans but are pretty different. Household contents insurance covers the belongings in your apartment, while liability insurance covers the damage you do to others regardless of where you are.

For example, if you break someone’s PS5 at their apartment, your liability plan will pay for it. If someone robs your apartment, your household contents plan will pay for stolen belongings.

Did you know?

Most burglaries happen from 16:00-18:00

They only last about 10 seconds.

man with burglaries equipment

200,000 residential fires

happen in Germany every year.

burnt matches
surveillance camera

5,310,621 robberies

in Germany in 2020.

cleaning up after flood

~98,000 addresses

are listed as high risk for flooding in Germany.

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