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We’ve built a successful business helping expats and migrants with their insurance needs in Germany (check our TrustPilot and Google Reviews), and we’re on our way to doing the same in France.

We’ve already validated demand by helping hundreds of expats and migrants get the right insurance coverage to obtain their visas in France ( We’d like to take this one step further with the help of a country launcher.

Your role will be to develop the French market around our target audience (expats and migrants), identify their pain points, and see how we can help them.

Why work at Feather?

  • Small team, flat hierarchy, and mission-driven. The usual buzzwords here, except we actually mean them. We’re small, lean, and we love what we're doing.
  • €1,200 annual learning budget. You can spend this on educating yourself: books, conferences, classes, etc.
  • €500 office furnishing budget. On top of all the company equipment that you'll be getting (MacBook, Monitor…), you'll be able to spend €500 on a nice and comfortable home office setup.
  • Work remotely for a Berlin-based company. We are a remote company with offices in Berlin. However, you will need to be in Paris to meet insurance partners. We are very flexible with remote work, and you will have the opportunity to travel to Berlin a few times a year.

What you bring to the table

  • +3 years of experience building something. You have been in a position where you had to launch products (e.g., you have been an entrepreneur, you had a side business, you were in a position where building and doing things was part of your job…).
  • Fluent in both French and English. Our business language is English, but you’ll need to meet insurance partners in France - native or C2 French is required.
  • You are proactive, resourceful, and able to work independently. This role will give you a lot of freedom and little hand-holding.
  • You are empathetic. Nearly all Feather employees have left their home country at some point. We all understand the stress associated with navigating life in a foreign land. You will need to empathize with our target audience to understand their needs and pain points.
  • (Optional) You understand how insurance works. Having worked in the insurance industry is a plus but not required.

You'll be responsible for

Launching a country means you’ll be wearing many hats. You’ll be the best judge of what needs to be done in what order. But if we had to make an educated guess:

  • You’ll have to discover and meet our customers. We help expats and migrants settle in Europe, and how to reach out to them might differ from country to country. You’ll have to understand what it means to relocate to a new country, the complexity (and frustration) of the visa process, and try to make it clearer for yourself and our customers.
  • You’ll have to build insurance partnerships. You’ll have to speak to a wide range of insurance companies to find the right product that meets our customer needs. Then, you’ll have to set up partnerships with these insurance companies.
  • You’ll help build insurance products on our platform. To validate your product, you’ll work closely with a team that builds and ships MVPs. You’ll also work with an operations expert dedicated to France, our designers, and engineers to build your insurance products and quickly iterate on them.
  • You’ll have to find ways to reach our customers. Google Ads? Facebook groups? YouTube? Meetups? Where are expats and migrants looking for advice on relocation to France? Our marketing team runs most of acquisition efforts, but we will need your help to feed them local insights that are not obvious if you don't have boots on the ground.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Apply now!

  • At Feather, we continuously work to have inclusive representation within our teams and embrace a diverse mix of talent to contribute to our culture.
  • We also encourage people without degrees to apply: we believe that what you’ve worked on and achieved is way more important than on-paper qualifications.

About us

Feather was founded in 2018 by Rob Schumacher and Vincent Audoire after both of them struggled to navigate the insurance system in Germany (even though they are European). They wanted to create insurance products that were as simple as they knew it could be.

That’s why we’re building insurance to make all interactions easier and more transparent: from signing up and filing a claim to canceling. Our goal is to give people honest, unbiased advice, with the information they need to make the right decision. And, because of how complicated insurance is, we offer tools, articles, and support where people can reach out to a human about problems or questions they have.

Currently, Feather has helped people from over 150 countries get insurance digitally and is expanding quickly.

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