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Coverage for you and your belongings

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For fires, burglaries, water damage, and other situations

Regardless of if your belongings were stolen, burned, or soaked, you’re covered under household insurance.

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Accommodation during emergencies

If you can no longer live in your apartment due to a fire or flood (extended coverage), insurance will pay for 180 days of accommodation.

What’s covered?

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Water damage (from pipes)

You're covered if a pipe bursts, and you're left with water damage throughout your apartment.

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Fires are unpredictable. Insurance will cover the cost of your belongings and accommodation.

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Water damage (from containers)

You’re covered if water from an aquarium, water bed, or kiddie pool damages your belongings.

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If someone damages your belongings during a break-in, it's also included in your coverage.

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If you’re moving, both apartments are temporarily covered until you’re in the new apartment.

What’s not covered?

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Building fixtures

Things like doors or sinks are not covered as they are building fixtures and are covered by property insurance and your liability insurance.

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Blown Fuse

Electronics damaged through blown fuses are not covered (unless from lightning), but rather electronics insurance.

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Pipes (under the floor)

Pipes under the floor or in the walls are not covered as the landlord should cover them under their building insurance.

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Large-scale conflict

If large-scale conflict breaks out in Germany which causes damages to your household or belongings, you're not covered.

Customize with add-ons

We also offer additional coverage through add-ons.

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Bicycle theft

If your bike, saddle, lights, or basket 
are stolen inside or outside your home, insurance will pay to replace it.

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Broken glass

Whether it’s windows, induction stoves, mirrors, or glass furniture, you’re covered for repair or replacement costs if something gets smashed.

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Did you accidentally leave a candle burning and cause damage to your home? Don't worry, you're covered.

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Moving expenses

If you’re no longer able to live inside of your apartment due to an insured event, you can get €5,000 of support.

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What’s the difference between Household vs liability?

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Household insurance

This policy covers the belongings in your apartment.

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Liability insurance

It covers the damage you do to others regardless of where you are. It includes: your landlord’s belongings, other people’s belongings or building fixtures.

Did you know?

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Burglary patterns

Most burglaries happen from 16:00-18:00 and they only last about 10 seconds.

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Fires frequency

200,000 residential fires happen in Germany

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Robberies in Germany

Around 62,500 robberies were registered by the police in Germany in 2022.

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Flooding risk

~98,000 addresses are listed as high risk for flooding in Germany.

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