Top 15 accounts to follow when travelling in Europe
Image showing pictures from different accounts to follow for travel in Europe and feature Venice

Top 15 accounts to follow when travelling in Europe

1. Visit Europe

If you’re looking for insider advice on the best places to travel to in Europe, you won’t get any better than the European Commission’s own Instagram account for tourism. They post regularly about events and historical locations.

2. Europe Vacations

This account compiles the best photos from European accounts across Instagram. They feature posts that highlight some of the best vacation locations Europe has to offer.

3. Germany’s World

If you’re looking to visit our home country of Germany, this account is the place to be. They collect the best photos of Germany and repost them regularly with informative captions. They also don’t limit themselves to just Bayern or Berlin either.

4. Germany Tourism

This is the official account of Germany’s Tourism Board. They post different places that tourists should visit along with cool events that are happening across the country. It’s a great account to follow if you’re in Germany for vacation or if you live here and need some inspiration for future places to visit.

5. Visit Portugal

A trip to Europe wouldn’t be complete without going to Portugal. The country has radically changed in the past decade, with international start-ups being founded in both the main cities of Porto and Lisbon, which have made it a great place to travel and live for internationals.

6. Visit Lisboa

One of Portugal’s most vibrant and fastest-growing cities is Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese). Not only does this account come from Lisbon’s tourist agency, but it also posts multiple times per day to offer inspiration for things to do around the city.

7. Spain

Don’t let the simple name deceive you! This is actually the official tourism board for Spain. They post about some of Spain’s most recognized and celebrated monuments as well as cultural events, Spanish traditions, and more!

8. Francefr

As you might have already guessed, we’re showing you France’s tourism board, or the Center for Tourism. This account will show you France’s tourism sector from a French perspective, so you can avoid the tourist traps that will have you crowded around small attractions.

9. Italiait

While this might be the official account of the Italian tourism board, they do have a special way of showing you around Italy’s specialties like wine, shopping, and even Italian roller coasters.

10. visitnetherlands

The Dutch Tourism and Convention board’s account collects experiences and adventures throughout the Netherlands and will repost major events if you tag them in your post. This means that this is the central place for everything Netherlands.

11. visitscotland

There might not be another tourism board account that can parallel Scotland. Their profile picture is a majestic highland cow, and they post regular pictures of cows mixed with some of the best cultural experiences that Scotland has to offer.

12. visit_ireland_

While there isn’t an official Instagram account on Ireland’s Tourism Board, this account takes on the role seamlessly! Here, you’ll find everything you wanted to know about taking a trip to Ireland, including some well-kept local secrets.


With so many of our readers living in Germany, we think it’s a great idea to highlight our neighbor’s amazing tourist attractions! Poland is only a short flight away and has some of the friendly people in Europe’s tourism sector with prices that simply can’t be beaten.

14. visitcz

Outside of Prague, most people wouldn’t recognize some of the amazing cities and villages that offer great tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. Whether you want to go skiing, or you simply want to go for a walk in nature, it’s a great country to visit.

15. visit_luxembourg

Do you know the small country between Germany and France? Belgium? No, we’re talking about Luxembourg! Although it might be small, the history of the country stretches back centuries with enough traditions, conflict, and culture that even history buffs will be left feeling a bit overwhelmed. Just watch out if you speak German or French because their native language is actually neither of the two!

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