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The Feather Guide to Health Insurance in Germany

Hello and welcome to the Feather insurance guide. We’ve made this as quick and straightforward as possible, so you can scan through to find all of the information you might need when deciding on which health insurance you’ll have in Germany. 

In this guide, we cover the main three types of insurance:

We’ll start with a brief overview of the healthcare system in Germany and then move into more specific topics like how to decide which healthcare provider to choose. While most Krankenkassen or public health insurances provide similar coverage, they differ slightly. For example, TK provides the best English customer service, while DAK provides the best coverage for childbirth.

The last part of our guide will focus on the nitty-gritty details about applying for health insurance, including membership, eligibility, requirements, estimated monthly costs, visa and residence permit regulations, and more. 

Our mission

We know what reputation the insurance industry has and the feeling that goes along with it. That’s actually why our CEO Rob and our CTO Vincent decided to found Feather.

A majority of our team are also expats who have struggled to navigate the complexities of German healthcare. We’ve gone through the paperwork, hours of mind-numbing German, and finding experts to answer any questions you might have and write articles for others to use when trying to navigate the system in a foreign language. 

When we say that we’re “honest, simple insurance,” we want you to know that we mean it. Every day we face new challenges and use them to improve our product and our services to make insurance in Germany a bit less of a hassle. 

Transparency: Want to know how we operate? We’ll tell you.

Feather is a licensed insurance broker in Germany. We receive a commission from directing our customers to sign up for public and private health insurance policies. We identify as a “public-first” company, meaning we will always suggest signing up with one of Germany’s many Krankenkassen or public health insurance companies if it makes the most sense for our customers. 

There are some cases where private insurance makes more sense (like if you earn over a certain amount), so we’ll let you know what we think is best for your particular situation. 

Customer-centered service: Your needs are important to us.

We want to talk about insurance in a way that makes you comfortable, so you can ask us questions directly via email or through a call. 

Our experts also know about various insurance products, from health insurance, life insurance, and liability insurance to household insurance among many others. 

We can also advise you in a number of different circumstances. For instance, we know that a single freelancer staying in Germany for a year has very different health insurance needs than someone with a family who’s planning to stay in Germany long-term. That’s why we will always recommend the best health insurance for your lifestyle. We earn commission on both private and public health insurance, so we only recommend private insurance when it actually fits, unlike other brokers who only make a commission on private sales.

Digital-first approach: Let us make the process easier for you.

As you might have noticed, technology in Germany isn’t moving at the same rate as other places in the world. This means that insurance documents tend to be filed in person. Things need to be printed and sent through the post office. Most Germans own a binder or two of documents they’ve collected throughout their lifetime. 

As expats ourselves, we’ve made it our mission to create digital processes to eliminate the need for complex paperwork. Things like applying online and filing a claim can now happen digitally (and thankfully in English).