Expat Health Insurance: Am I Covered When I Travel?
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Expat Health Insurance: Am I Covered When I Travel?


Planning on traveling this summer? Our expat health insurance plan will cover you in many European destinations.

Summer is here—and that means travel season has arrived. Though the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into many would-be travelers’ plans, many Germany-based expats are taking the opportunity to explore options closer to home. And with borders opening up across the European Union, it’s once again possible to travel throughout Europe. Still, if you have or are thinking about expat health insurance, you might not be covered abroad.

Are you among the expats in Germany planning on venturing into neighboring countries this summer? Then you may also be wondering how to ensure your health and safety while on the road. 

The Feather expat health insurance plan will keep you covered in many European destinations. In this post, we help you to better understand the scope of your coverage outside of Germany.

Where am I covered?

With the Feather expat health insurance plan, you’re covered anywhere within the EU and the Schengen Area, as well as Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City. So if intra-European travel is on your agenda this year, you’ll benefit from the same level of coverage you have in Germany. 

You’re also covered in your home country—defined in the policy as the country you were resident in before moving to Germany—for up to six weeks a year. So if you moved to Germany from a country outside those listed above, you can still be reimbursed for emergency medical expenses while visiting.

Where am I not covered?

If you’re trying to venture further afield or to somewhere other than your home country, coverage will be more limited. So if you’re hoping to go deep-sea diving in Egypt or planning on spending next year’s Carnival in Brazil, you’ll need to look into other travel insurance options.

You should be particularly careful if you’re planning European travel in non-EU and non-Schengen countries. While Croatia is in the EU, for example, neighboring countries like Serbia and Albania are neither in the Schengen area nor in the EU. We would therefore recommend carefully researching your travel plans and purchasing supplemental coverage if necessary.

What’s covered?

Your coverage abroad will have the same stipulations and limitations as within Germany. So while emergencies will be covered, you won’t receive reimbursement for treatment of pre-existing conditions. To learn more about the scope of coverage, refer to your policy document.

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