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Health insurance add-ons in Germany

Health insurance companies in Germany offer comprehensive coverage, but even with these plans, you might need to get an add-on to fit things like dental insurance or travel insurance which aren’t covered under standard plans. 

You can think of these add-on policies as building blocks to the coverage you’d like to have. Some people don’t go to the dentist for more than just an annual check-up, so they won’t be interested in adding this to their plan. For others, going to the dentist multiple times per year is expected, so they need to add this to their coverage. 

Dental Care add-on to health insurance

Public health insurance covers a significant portion of the costs for medically necessary dental care (e.g., root canals or wisdom teeth extractions). Most public providers offer supplemental dental coverage. But, you might want extra preventative care or full coverage for more advanced treatments like laser therapy or periodontitis. If this is the case, we recommend looking into a dental care add-on for your insurance plan. 

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Travel insurance add-on to health insurance

Thankfully, if you’re traveling within the EU, your German insurance will still cover your treatment. Still, if you’re looking to leave Europe, you’ll need additional travel insurance to cover you abroad. Most public providers have travel add-ons for short- and long-term travel. 

Sometimes, private health insurance already has travel included, but it’s important to check before leaving on your trip. 

Alternative Medicine add-on to health insurance

This can be a controversial term, but generally, alternative medicine encompasses acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, and homeopaths (among many others). Public health insurance, in most cases, will not cover treatment from these practitioners. 

Feather currently doesn’t offer an alternative medicine add-on to your health insurance coverage, but you can find plans by searching for “Heilpraktikerversicherung” to learn more about your options.

Vision add-on to health insurance

Considering how many people need glasses or contact lenses, it’s not a surprise that there supplemental insurances for vision. If you are insured through a public provider, vision coverage will cost extra. Some private insurers include vision as part of their package. 

Generally, we do not recommend purchasing an additional vision policy. For most people, out-of-pocket costs for vision aids are cheaper than the cost of a vision policy. But, if you’d like to see what a vision add-on looks like, you can search for “Zusatzversicherung Sehhilfe” or “Brillenzusatzversicherung” online.

Premium Hospital Care add-on to health insurance

One of the main reasons people get add-ons in the first place is after they have to spend the night at the hospital with “roommates.” With supplemental insurance for premium hospital care, you can get a private room and be seen by head practitioners. Most public insurance providers have their hospital add-ons, so you can stop to ask about adding to your plan or search for “Krankenhauszusatzversicherung” to find other policies online.