Top 9 Instagram accounts to follow for home office inspiration
Two pictures of a computer on a desk and the second of someone holding a phone

Top 9 Instagram accounts to follow for home office inspiration

Now that restrictions are lifting, and people are going out more, home office is becoming a little less of a place we’re stuck at and a lot more of a work benefit to look for when searching for a new position. With that being said, it’s time for our top 9 accounts to follow for creating the perfect home office (a mix of social media platforms). 

1. Setuputic

This is an Instagram account that provides you with regular content on popular home office setups. This includes which computers and monitors would go best in your space along with different color pallets that have already been tried and tested. 

2. Inspired home office designs

Do daily gorgeous interior designs sound like your thing? Then you might want to check out inspired home office designs. While most of the offices aren’t really the most practical to have in an average home office, they let you fantasize about some of the most beautifully designed offices in the world.

3. Minimal Setups

Minimalist home office setups are still incredibly popular because they’re often less expensive and easier to organize. This Instagram account posts regular (realistic) minimalist home office inspiration to help you design your new working space.

4. Brett Turner

He’s pretty well known on TikTok for testing products for your smart home and helping people decide which products are worth investing in and which ones bring little to no value. He starts with simple products like smart lights and locks and goes into more niche products like coffee mugs with a built-in heater that’s also connected to your phone.

5. Official plants

If you’re spending most of your time at home even with covid restrictions lifting, then having some air purifying plants might be the answer! This account regularly posts plants and their health benefits. They also have a pretty unique sense of humor.

6. The Dream Setup

This Instagram account collects the best home office setups they can find and reposts them for you on a continual basis. Some setups have creative monitor setups, spectacular views, and even color pallets for you to follow if desired.


Remember our article on the essentials of working from home? Here is our Instagram inspiration account for biophilic design (or in case you forgot, designing spaces with plants). The benefits of house plants are pretty underrated and include getting sick less as well as a proven increase in creativity.

8. Remote work

Remote work and home office can be grouped into overlapping categories. The only difference is that remote workers can travel around while your home office tends to stay put (unless you’re in a van or a boat. Then your home office is moving with you). Here is some inspiration from remote workers and their setups.

9. The Spruce

Your home doesn’t just stop at your home office. Make sure the rest of your space is designed comfortably, so you can relax before and after working from home.

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