Top 15 accounts to follow for healthy living
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Top 15 accounts to follow for healthy living

We’re almost finished with our healthy living series, and we’re going to leave you with the top accounts you can follow for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. You’ll find everything including exercising at home, meal prep, home organization, and more!

Healthy meals

1. Deliciously Ella

Ready for some healthy plant-based foods with easy-to-understand instructions? Ella walks you through salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and so much more!

2. BBC Good Food

If you’ve ever searched for recipes online, you’re sure to have come across BBC. They’re also known for collecting popular dishes and reimagining them in creative ways (it’s definitely worth checking out their fluffy pancake recipe).

3. Michaela Vais

Michaela became a vegan in 2011 and now shares her favorite meals on Instagram to inspire others to eat more fruits and vegetables. Her dishes have a wide range from sweet desserts to savory guilty pleasures.

4. Yumna

She’s into healthy living but still wants to eat feel-good food. Yumna has reimagined how healthy food can be made to provide you with both at once. Her account is a must-follow regardless of which diet you might be following.

5. Gena Hamshaw

She’s a vegan influencer and cookbook author from New York who’s here to change the way people think about vegan food. No more beans and rice with some vegetables. Vegan food has come a long way since the early days of the trendy diet.


6. PAYD (Pilates at your desk)

Keep hearing about your friends and their pilates classes? Sad that you’re missing out? Well, Karrie-Anne has come up with an absolutely genius way to start doing pilates from your desk, and people are loving it!

7. The Good Body

If you’re a beginner to the world of fitness or just looking to get some additional inspiration, then The Good Body is the perfect account for you. They regularly post informative guides on working out as well as poses for different types of exercise like yoga or HIIT.

8. Lauren Kanski

She’s a fitness influencer as well as an advisor for Women’s Health Magazine. She regularly posts about her exercise schedule to motivate others as well as explaining the different postures that each type of workout requires.

9. Melissa Alcantantara

You might be wondering why every fitness influencer only shows excercies for their own body type and does not diversify to help their many different followers. Melissa knocks this out of the park as she shows different workouts for the average gym newbie, pregnant women, and people who just need a bit of inspiration.

10. Morit Summers

We love to see someone taking care of their health and also being positive about their own body and journey. Too many fitness influencers focus on burning fat, fad diets, or fasting without telling people to consult a dietician.

Chronic pain

11. Back Pain Relief

This account reposts the most useful back pain relief tips that go around Instagram. They post a regular collection of everything that worked for others, including guides, statistics, helpful tips, stretches, and more.

12. Back pain tips fast

This account is similar to the one before because they also collect posts, but they have the additional option for people to post their own back pain stories and how they managed to fix it. Each person’s history with back pain will be different, so what works for one person might not work for another person.

13. Dr. Adam McCluskey

He’s a doctor of physical therapy and was tired of so many people experiencing regular chronic pain without having access to the resources to fix it. He goes through regular exercises that people can do on their own to relieve different types of chronic pain if they don’t have access to healthcare.

14. No back hurts

This creative account finds unique ways to illustrate how someone can relieve their back pain. They paint muscles and the skeletal structure onto someone’s back to show how the muscles move during the workout.

15. The Muscle Whisperer

Danny Shapiro is a physical therapist who talks about the easiest ways to relieve pain (including migraines and headaches caused by strained muscles). He walks you through each stretch personally, so you can try to the same at home.

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