4 Ways Legal Insurance Can Help You

4 Ways Legal Insurance Can Help You


Nearly half of German households have legal insurance, but many expats have never considered it as an option. Here’s how legal insurance can help you.

Rechtschutzversicherung, or legal insurance, may sound like something best suited to people in high-earning (and high-risk) professions—but it’s a useful product for just about everyone. Nearly half of households in Germany have it.

So how can Feather’s legal insurance policy help you? Here are four major ways. 

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Your heating has been off for a long time and your landlord keeps promising to fix it—but never delivers. Or maybe your management company has been renovating the apartment above yours for six months, rendering your living room unusable because of noise and dust. Or perhaps the institution of the new Berlin rent control measures have made you think twice about your (possibly too-high) rent and you want a lawyer’s help with disputing the price.

Legal insurance covers the legal costs of disputes with landlords and management companies. This means you can effectively demand compensation for overpriced rent, inconveniences caused by construction, and other issues (e.g. being wrongly charged for extra trash removal costs). While lawyer fees for any of these issues alone might cost hundreds of euros, Feather legal insurance ensures you don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

2. When you’ve got issues with your employer

Labor laws are taken quite seriously in Germany. But many people don’t know how to defend their rights—or what their rights are in the first place.  

Maybe you get paid several weeks late every month, which means you’re sometimes late on your rent. Perhaps you feel like your boss is just looking for reasons to fire you, or even worse, let you go with no valid reason or with an unfair severance package. Or maybe you know you’re being underpaid compared to your coworkers. 

No matter the case, consulting a lawyer can help you understand your rights—and legal insurance will cover the costs.

You thought you could handle filing taxes on your own—but it seems you misunderstood a few things on your last return. Now you’re facing fines from the tax office, but you’re convinced they’re overcharging you. 

Feather’s legal insurance can help you dispute charges from Germany’s notoriously bureaucratic state authorities without getting caught in the red tape yourself. If you have any questions, you can also contact our experts online!

4. When you’ve got a car 

Having a car leaves you vulnerable to lots of additional costs: traffic fines and repair fees are all par for the course. But sometimes, these costs can be reduced. Were you fined for running a stop sign—even though it was blocked from view by construction equipment? Or do you feel like a car mechanic ripped you off for the latest tune-up? Legal insurance can help you in disputing these charges. 

Whether you’re looking for help with one of these issues or something completely different, the Feather legal insurance policy has your back. With support for a wide range of issues, it’s like having a lawyer friend on call at all times.

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