Home insurance in Spain starting from €5 per month

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Coverage for you and your belongings

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For fires, robberies, water damage, and other situations

Regardless of if your belongings were stolen, burned, or soaked, you’re covered under home insurance.
We will also pay for your temporary accommodation and other expenses If you can no longer live in your apartment due to a fire or flood.

What’s covered?

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Fire and smoke

Our plans cover any material damage to your belongings caused by fire.

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Water damage
If there is damage caused by leaks, breaks, or infiltrations from other houses in your belongings, we will compensate you for the damaged items.
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If someone breaks into your home and steals belongings, we will compensate you for the stolen items.
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Keys and locks replacement
If an accident happens and you need to change the locks of your home, we will cover the expenses incurred.
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If any glass or mirror elements break, we will cover the costs of replacement.
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Legal defense
If legal actions are required due to any item we cover, we will cover these expenses.
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Emergency repairs
We have a team ready to help at any time with all sorts of small problems. We will cover the first 3 hours of labor.
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Civil liability
If anybody is injured in your home or you cause damage in a neighbor's home, we will cover all costs.
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Robbery outside of home
If you're robbed outside of your home or there is a robbery in your garage or cellar, we will cover the cost of stolen properties.
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Temporary accommodation
If you can no longer live in your apartment due to a fire or flood, we will pay for your temporary accommodation and other expenses like the price of food if it is greater than usual.

What isn’t covered?

Intentional acts and negligence
You won't be covered if for example, you leave the stove on, which results in burning down your home.
War and nuclear catastrophes
Wars, nuclear catastrophes and related extraordinary events aren't covered by home insurance.
Cases covered by the insurance consortium
Natural catastrophes, insurrections, terrorism, and actions by the army are already covered by the insurance consortium. They are therefore not covered by this policy.
Cars and motorcycles
Any damage caused by a motor vehicle that requires its own insurance won't be covered by this policy
Dangerous dogs attacks
If your dog bites someone and is listed as a dangerous breed in Spain, this policy won't cover the costs incurred.

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