I Applied for Public Health Insurance. When Will I Be Approved?
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I Applied for Public Health Insurance. When Will I Be Approved?

Having health insurance is a legal requirement in Germany—so it’s no wonder that getting insured is a must-do for any newcomer. Applying for public health insurance is simple (if you qualify for it). But what happens once you’ve submitted your application? And how long will it take to get an approval?

How to apply for public health insurance in Germany 

Through the Feather website, you can submit your public health insurance application to one of the four main public health providers in Germany: TK, AOK, Barmer or DAK. You just need to handle some basic information (all in English) and we’ll handle the rest!

Once you submit your information, you’ll get an email from Feather confirming the receipt of your application. Keep in mind that this is not an official confirmation of enrollment into your health insurance. 

Getting your insurance confirmed

So how long does it take to be officially enrolled? We can’t make any guarantees…but if you’ve got a full-time work contract and this is your first time applying for public health insurance within the EU, approval is usually quick and seamless. In this case, you’ll get a confirmation email from Feather within one working day.

This “Welcome” email includes your policy number and an official membership confirmation. The insurance provider will also request that you provide a passport photo (usually a web upload) so they can produce and send your insurance card. 

It’s been a few days and I haven’t been approved. Why?

In certain cases, approval may take longer. Some of our customers moving to Germany from other EU countries report waiting several weeks or more. This is generally because German insurers ask for additional documentation (like a letter from a previous EU-country insurer or GP) to prove previous coverage. We’re happy to help guide you in the process.

In other situations, an application may be rejected altogether. Learn why this might be the case for you.

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