Dental insurance in Germany
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Dental insurance in Germany


Our new dental insurance options will keep your teeth in tip-top shape.

We’ve got some news that will put a smile on your face: Feather dental insurance is here

If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, you already know that public health insurance can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to dental coverage. Breaking a tooth, getting a root canal or even getting regular dental cleanings can cost you hundreds of euros a year—even if you’re insured by a Krankenkasse (public health fund). 

Luckily, our dental insurance is here to save the day with top-of-the-line coverage and some great “extras” to keep your pearly whites looking and feeling their best. 

Who is dental insurance for?

To put it simply: anyone with teeth. Okay, okay, that was a bit cheeky. But really—dental problems (and particularly tooth replacement treatments like crowns and bridges) can put a big hole in your wallet. Having a good dental insurance plan can help you avoid unexpected costs and maintain a regular preventive care routine. 

Feather’s dental insurance plan is intended as a supplementary policy for people on public insurance. So if you’re insured by TK, AOK, BARMER, DAK, or any other Krankenkasse, then you’re eligible to join this plan. 

What’s covered?

Feather has two levels of dental coverage: Basic and Advanced. Both provide great benefits to supplement existing public health insurance coverage, including full coverage for teeth cleanings—a value of €200 alone if you get two cleanings a year.

The main advantages of the Advanced policy are that it covers all or most of tooth replacement costs, as well as tooth whitening. Basic does not cover either of these treatments. 

Here’s how coverage compares:

Public Insurance
Feather Dental
Feather Dental
Tooth Cleaning
Not covered100% (up to €150 per year)100%
Medically necessary prophylaxis measures (e.g. sealants)Not covered100%100%
High-quality composite fillingsNot covered for back teeth; sometimes covered for front teeth.100%100%
Tooth replacementUp to 60%Up to 60% (no additional coverage over public)– 90% of remaining costs for high-quality replacement options after public health insurance coverage.

– 100% of remaining costs of “basic care” options.
Root canals and periodontitis treatments Not always covered100%100%
Mouthguards for tooth grindingNot covered in most cases100%100%
Pain treatments (e.g. general anaesthesia, acupuncture, hypnosis)Not covered in most cases100%100%
Tooth whiteningNot coveredNot covered100% (up to €200 in two calendar years)

How do I get dental insurance?

Convinced that Feather dental insurance is the right choice for you? Get a personalized quote today!

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  • If I join how soon will my coverage begin and how soon will it cover everything or is there a waiting period?

    • Hi Edith. Dental coverage begins immediately. You’ll need to check the exact terms of the policy you purchase to see what exactly is covered as we have two different options.

    • Hello Kathrin!

      We’re currently partnered with Barmenia. If you’re interested in seeing more about the plan details, all you have to do is click on the “see options” button and answer two questions: “Are you on public insurance?” and “What is your date of birth?”