Expat Health Insurance Premium: Our Best Plan Yet
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Expat Health Insurance Premium: Our Best Plan Yet


We’ve crafted our new Expat Advanced plan especially with expat needs in mind. New features include coverage for dental care and preventive care.

For newcomers to Germany, health insurance can be difficult to navigate. While we always recommend getting comprehensive public or private health insurance, this isn’t always possible—freelancers from outside the EU, for example, often only have the option of signing up for expat health insurance. (Want to know why? Read more about it here.)

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new Expat Premium plan! We’ve crafted this policy specifically with our customers’ needs in mind to give you even better coverage at a low price.

Dental, vision, and more…

The new Expat Premium plan is not only a significant upgrade from the Basic version—it also provides significant advantages over our old Advanced plan. So what’s new?

  • Dental care: This plan covers up to €100/year for preventive dental care (e.g. cleanings), up to €200/year for dental check-ups, and has an allowance for dentures. It also covers up to €1000/year for pain relief treatments. 
  • Vision care: Covers €200/year for visual aids (e.g. glasses or contact lenses).
  • Preventive care: Covers €300/year for early cancer detection (e.g. gynecological and urological exams), one skin cancer check-up a year, and standard health check-ups for children.
  • Pregnancy care: Pregnancy check ups and delivery are covered after a 6 month waiting period, and as long as the pregnancy first occurred after your policy commenced. 
  • Digital health services: Covers two telemedicine consultations per year and gives a €5/month allowance for the use of fitness or digital health apps.
  • Medical aids: 100% coverage for medical aids (e.g. bandages, splints, crutches, hearing aids, inhalers) as a result of an accident; up to €500/year for aids for a pre-existing condition. 

Basic or Premium? 

Are you still stuck trying to choose between Expat Basic and Expat Premium? Here’s how they compare on the most popular treatments:

General Medical Treatments
Outpatient medical treatment100%100%
Inpatient treatment on a general (not private) ward (room containing several beds), excluding optional benefits (treatment by a private doctor)100%100%
Ambulance transportation for inpatient treatment100%100%
Medication and bandages100%100%
Massages, packs and inhalations€300100%
Aids as a result of an accident€500100%
Aids (insofar as Advigon has issued its consent in advance) per insurance yearNot insured€500
Repairs of existing aids per insurance yearNot insured€250
Visual aidsNot insured€200
Travel vaccinations per insurance yearNot insured€250
Pain-relieving dentistry€500€1,000
Preventative dentistryNot insured€100
Dental check-ups per insurance yearNot insured€200
Dentures at 80% of the reimbursable invoice amount per insurance yearNot insured€1,250
Preventive Care
Medical check-ups aimed at the early detection of cancer per insurance yearNot insured€300
One skin cancer check-up per insurance yearNot insured100%
Medical check-ups for children based on the programs introduced by law in GermanyNot insured100%
Pregnancy treatment due to complaints100%100%
Pregnancy check-ups and childbirthNot insured100%
Digital Health Services
Two telemedical consultation sessions per insurance yearNot insured100%
Use of fitness applications per monthNot insured€5

How much does it cost?

The new Expat Health Insurance plan starts at €134/month. Please keep in mind that the actual monthly cost may vary if you have certain pre-existing conditions. 

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Just head to Feather, answer a few questions and enter your payment information to subscribe to your Expat insurance. It only takes a couple of minutes!  

I already have a Feather Expat policy. Can I have this one instead?

Yes! If you have a Basic Feather Expat policy, then you have the option to upgrade to our Premium plan at any time. Just get in touch with us through your Feather account and we’ll arrange it for you.

If you already have an Advanced Feather Expat policy, then you also have the option to get this new policy. If you choose not to take our new Expat Premium policy, then your coverage will remain the same.