Accounts to follow if you’re a digital nomad
Two digital nomads working remotely

Accounts to follow if you’re a digital nomad

1. roamingdavid

He’s a digital nomad who loves to explore unexpected destinations. Join David as he goes on trips from the mountains of Albania in a mission to discover the regions blossoming tourism industry all the way to the classics like Cinque Terre on Italy’s coast.

2. inesmedem

Inés is from Spain and works as a digital marketing freelancer for various companies as she travels the world. While she does specialize in small businesses, her account offers a great sneak peek into what she’s capable of!

3. orestzub

He’s a Ukrainian nomad currently back in Ukraine fighting in the war. He still posts regularly about his nomadic adventures and what they meant to him while giving regular updates about his well-being and advice to others looking to become nomads in politically difficult times.

4. expatseverywhere

If you’re looking to become an expat superstar YouTuber, you might want to check out Expats Everywhere. They show people how to begin making videos, the editing process, and how to get monetization to help pay for your nomadic lifestyle.

5. giovfranco

Gio has been a digital nomad since 2016 and knows both pre-, during, and post-pandemic rules and regulations. His goal is to travel to as many countries as possible and show people the freedom that being a digital nomad brings.

6. anywheregirls

These ladies have been traveling the world longer than most other digital nomads. How long, you ask? 7 whole years! Take a look at what it means to be an experienced nomad and a woman around the world.

7. lukaknezic

Luka is a US-based entrepreneur who advocates for work-from-home and work-from-anywhere policies. He regularly shares updates on his own remote life as well as updates like the Netherlands potentially making remote work a legal right for its citizens.

8. cassandratullohofficial

She got her first corporate job at 20 and then left it all to travel the world. Now, she’s a digital nomad and helps other women navigate the complex world of negotiating benefits, picking employers who care about them, and setting important boundaries.

9. remote_camp

Not ready to dive into nomad life yet? You can try workcations where you travel to different cities during your work-from-anywhere time while also exploring the city around you at night. It’s a great way to get a feel of what nomad life is like.

10. nomadsoulmates

So, what happens if you want to settle down as a nomad? No, not in a single location, but with a partner and family? This company helps single nomads find each other for quick flings, romantic dates, and lasting nomadic relationships

11. roccodallanascita

There are some jobs that just simply be done remotely, no matter how hard we try. Still, Rocco made working in the music industry possible. Follow him to see how this Italian artist shows how digital nomads are also possible in music.

12. digitalnomadarch

Shelly is a digital nomad and owns her own business. She goes from one side of the earth to the other without losing traction in her personal endeavors or ambitions. She’s truly an account worth following if you need inspiration or simply want to have some positive vibes when you’re scrolling.

13. theshanktank

This nomad family is from South Africa. One day, they decided to pick up everything they had, sorted it into their travel bags, or sold it, and they moved to Portugal. Watch them raise their family abroad in one of the most popular expat destinations.

14. andy_sto_

Not interested in switching locations every two weeks? Want to become a slowmad instead of a nomad? That’s exactly the pace that Andy goes at. He enjoys living it up a bit in a single country before moving on to the next.

15. taylorbecknell

Tay is a UX designer who recently started her digital nomad journey. Watch her as she learns how to navigate different visa systems, customs, cultures, and the nomad community in general.

16. mommyneedstotravel

She’s CEO of an NGO and loves to share her nomadic lifestyle online to inspire others. Watch this mom of a family of 10 organize complicated journeys across the world.

17. thenomadmethodology

For the already established nomads, we have Sandra. She’s a life coach from Colombia and has been traveling the world for conferences on nomadic life, inner balance, and finding yourself during trying times.

18. speaktoalice

Motivational coach mixed with an experienced remote worker. Are you ready? It’s time to meet Alice. She’s here to brighten your feed with inspirational posts about taking care of and empowering yourself

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