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Two images. One of two queer women holding hands and the other of a pride parade

A short history of how Pride month came to Germany

We’re wrapping up pride month with one final article on the history of Pride in Germany. As you probably already know, pride originally came from the Stonewall Riots in the United States and inspired similar protests in Germany. In this article...

Two images. One of a father holding his child and the other of him holding the child's hand

Surrogates and adoption in Germany

In this article, we talk about everything related to surrogates in Germany for our pride series. Many parents who are unable to have biological children, including gay men, might think about surrogacy for their family planning. But, it’s important...

Two women. One looking lovingly into the eyes of the other and the second of the HPV vaccine

Is the HPV vaccine useful for women over 18?

Yes, and for certain demographics like bisexuals, lesbians, and gay men, there is a high risk of infection which can lead to certain types of cancer. This high risk is thought to do with the statistical significance of an increase in sexual partners...

Two images -- two queer women looking at a computer and the other of someone making a pride flag

How to get hormones and legally transition in Germany

Summary: We went through a number of online resources to find out everything you need to know about being transgender in Germany — from getting hormones and what you’re entitled to through your public health insurance, to how to legally...

Three images of queer people. Two men, two women holding hands, and two women sitting next to each other

A short gay history of Germany and §175

Summary: Around the 1990s, queer history started to become a popular topic among researchers after emerging from feminist discussions. With over 30 years of intensive research, we’ll only be able to focus on a very small portion of the queer history...

Alexanderplatz in pink and purple

Popsure is Now Feather!

Today, we're saying goodbye to Popsure and hello to our new brand: Feather. Read our press release below for more information.