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What is Schengen visa insurance?

Schengen visa insurance provides up to 12 months of travel health and repatriation coverage for a value of €50,000.00 per insured person, with no deductible.

Starting at €36 per month, this policy covers the Schengen area, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City.

Advantages of Schengen visa insurance

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Visa compliant

Meets all necessary health requirements for your short or long-stay visa (VLS-TS, VLS-T & Schengen visa).
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Cancel monthly

Simply contact us when your trip ends or when you get your carte vitale (French health card).
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Full refund in case of denial

In the unfortunate event your visa is rejected, we'll issue a full refund.
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Who is Schengen visa insurance for?

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Visa seekers and retirees

Applying for a short or long-stay visa? Our plans meet the health insurance requirements for France.

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It can take 3+ months before students receive their social security number and carte vitale. Travel health is recommended to bridge that gap in coverage.

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Job seekers

Travel health is recommended for most professionals until you've establish residency and are eligible to register with PUMA (Protection Universelle Maladie).

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What's covered?

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Accidents and emergencies

Coverage for any unexpected medical treatments and procedures, as well as associated medical follow up costs.

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Sudden illness & hospitalisation

Coverage for sudden non pre-existing illness that requires treatment or hospitalization.

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Travel costs if you are required to return to your home country for treatment.

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Dental treatment

Pain-relieving dental treatments, including simple fillings and repairs to existing dental prosthesis.

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Coverage in EU

You're covered within the Schengen countries, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City.

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Free choice of doctors

You have free choice of the doctors, dentists and hospitals recognized and accredited in France.

What isn’t covered?

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Pre-existing conditions

Treatments related to pre-existing conditions are not covered.
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Routine check-ups

The policy does not cover check-ups or conditions discovered during check-ups.
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Regular vaccinations

Travel vaccinations are not covered.
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Mental health therapy

Mental wellness treatments such as psychotherapy are not covered

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