Realining industry expectations because insurance shouldn’t be this hard.

Who is behind the Berlin-based start-up Feather, what do we stand for and why we care about making a difference in the insurance industry?

For an insurance that isn’t a headache

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Saving money where it matters

Many are unaware of the benefits of switching to private health insurance. If you’re young, single and healthy, private health insurnace can offer better services and help you save money where it matters. From priority appointments, paid therapy and private hospital rooms, private health insurance provides the best healthcare benefits one can hope for.

Private Health Insurance

If you’re making over €65k per year, are a freelancer or know you’ll eventually leave Germany, private health insurnace will give you the best healthcare Germany can offer at a lower price than public.

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Honesty with more than just health insurance

Normally, Germans find a personal insurance broker to speak with on an annual basis about different insurance policies they might need to cover their lifestyle. This includes policies like dental, bike, household contents, liability health, life insurance among others.

One problem that we’ve seen with these insurance brokers that Germans are well aware of is that they’re incentivized to sell as many plans to as many people as possible. Depending on the plans they have to offer, they might also recommend a plan that works, but doesn’t best fit the needs of their customers.

Feather is changing the game by basing our company model on honest, simple insurance. We don’t incentivize our insurance experts based on how many plans they sell, but on how many good customer reviews they get. This means that they often will recommend staying on a current plan instead of switching to one of ours or even recommend going with another insurance company who can offer a plan that we don’t yet offer.

Doesn’t seem like the best business model? You’d be surprised. With an industry notorious for its greed, telling someone not to purchase one of our plans actually leaves a lasting impact on how they think about us. It means customers are likely to come back when they have other insurance needs like when they need a dental or personal liability plan (which we’re proud to say we’re really good at).

The only insurance tool you’ll need

To get a recommendation, we only require some basic information -- that means you won’t need to give us your email to know which plans are best for your lifestyle.


Still not sure? Our origin story might just convince you

Feather was founded in 2018 by our CEO Rob Schumacher and CTO Vincent Audoire. Rob originally completed his PhD in mathematics before deciding to move into the business world where he worked as a consultant for McKinsey for two years while Vincent joined as one of the first employees at N26.

Rob came up with the idea for Feather after working with insurance math during his time in academia. McKinsey also used his knowledge where he was placed in multiple consulting positions in the insurance industry. It was there that Rob realised that something needed to change.

The insurance industry as a whole, as he describes it, is really really broken -- especially for people who have recently moved to Germany and don’t yet understand German.

Why do we want to change insurance?

While, as Rob puts it, insurance is inherently “not sexy,” it’s something people need. There are tons of problems throughout the system from registering non-Western names in a system that can’t handle large character counts to documents only being available in German when a majority of people coming to Germany learn German after arrival.

People depend on insurance and need to be able to make claims and ask questions in a language they understand. Because of the intimate nature of insurance and how it touches multiple, deeply personal aspects of our lives, it’s not just enough to provide accessible information in English, but also good customer service.

The value of having the possibility to email, chat or call someone to ask questions in a time when you’re deeply confused is invaluable. While some insurance companies do offer good support, it’s often guided by problematic incentive structures.