Junior Finance Officer

We’re in an industry that’s all about numbers and typically really outdated when it comes to its finance processes. Can you guess what it is? Yep... Insurance.

That’s why we’re looking for you to help us fix it. We’ve managed to automate most insurance-based processes for 10 different products, and we’re ready for you to lend us a hand in automating our finances.

You’ll be joining us part-time to help our team take care of all the financial aspects of a small company. The best part of this position is that you’ll get the chance to own a finance role, establish the processes that we’ll follow, and make decisions in a competitive industry.

Why work at Feather?

  • Work for a Berlin-based company remotely or in person. We have company dinners and retreats, where we do some cool things like go bowling, go to restaurants, and play werewolf.
  • Small team, flat hierarchy, and mission-driven. The usual buzzwords here, except we actually mean them. We’re small, lean, and we love what we're doing.
  • €1,200 annual learning budget. You can spend this on educating yourself: books, conferences, classes, etc.
  • €500 office furnishing budget. On top of all the company equipment that you'll be getting (MacBook, Monitor…), you'll be able to spend €500 on a nice and comfortable home office setup.

Not needed, but nice to have:

  • Personal experience as an expat living in a country away from home
  • University degree in Accounting, Finance, Business, or similar related field
  • Fluent in Business German

You'll be responsible for

You’re the first finance hire at Feather. That means you’ll be responsible for setting up, running, and improving all finance, accounting, and tax processes.

  • Dealing with our finances in LexOffice
  • Person of contact for Behörden, Krankenkassen, Audits
  • Employee-related finance tasks include: employee reimbursements, payroll, invoicing process, managing all post, setup and ordering of computer equipment for the team
  • Business-related finance tasks include: affiliate payments, finance reporting, communication with tax advisors, managing contracts & documents, budgeting and planning
  • You enjoy setting up processes and automating where possible, with the help of tools
  • Office contact person

What will the interview process look like?

  1. After applying and before receiving a first interview invitation, we’ll send you over a case study.
  2. If we enjoy your profile and case study response, you’ll get to meet one of our team leads through Google Meet to get to know each other (15 minutes).
  3. The second call will be with another member of the team where you’ll have the chance to ask any further questions you have about the role and the company (45 minutes).
  4. The final interview will be in German, for you to talk about any expectations you have and review information from the first two calls (45 minutes).
  5. Then you’re all finished, and we’ll send the offer!

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Apply now!

  • At Feather, we are huge advocates for diversity and inclusion. From LGBTQ+ events to open discussions about eliminating bias, we highly encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.
  • We encourage people without degrees to apply: we believe that what you’ve worked on and achieved is way more important than on-paper qualifications.

About us

Feather was founded in 2018 by Rob Schumacher and Vincent Audoire after both of them struggled to navigate the insurance system in Germany (even though they are European). They wanted to create insurance products that were as simple as they knew it could be. That’s why we’re building insurance to make all interactions easier and more transparent: from signing up and filing a claim to canceling. Our goal is to give people honest, unbiased advice, with the information they need to make the right decision. And, because of how complicated insurance is, we offer tools, articles, and support where people can reach out to a human about problems or questions they have. Currently, Feather has helped people from over 150 countries get insurance digitally and is expanding quickly.

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