Popsure is Now Feather!
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Popsure is Now Feather!


Today, we’re saying goodbye to Popsure and hello to our new brand: Feather. Read our press release below for more information.

Berlin-based insurance tech startup Popsure today announced their rebrand to Feather, unveiling a new logo, an updated website, and new social media accounts as part of the transition. 

The rebrand initiative has been in development for several months, in conjunction with the launch of several new products and upgrades to existing services. The new brand gives the company room for growth as both the team and offerings expand. 

“We’ve now helped over 10,000 customers solve their insurance problems,” says CEO Robert Schumacher. “We wanted to capture why we’re doing what we’re doing in our brand. Insurance should not be bloated—but light, like a feather.” 

Feather (then Popsure) was founded in 2018 by Schumacher, a former insurance industry consultant for McKinsey, and CTO Vincent Audoire, who was one of the first employees at N26, where he was instrumental in building and scaling the mobile bank’s iOS app. The idea was borne out of their mutual frustration with the often clunky and opaque German insurance industry. 

“I joined N26 at a very early stage when the whole company was able to fit in one room,” Audoire says. “Back then, banking was completely opaque, uncool, with hidden fees everywhere—but we worked to create a product that left consumers feeling informed and in control of their accounts. I believe the insurance industry is just lagging a few years behind the banking industry.”

Feather prides itself on its honest approach to insurance, providing comprehensive English-language services for Germany’s growing expat population. While own-brand health, personal liability, and household contents insurance products are available, the company also liaises between newcomers to Germany (who often don’t speak German) and public insurers. A number of Berlin-based companies with large expat workforces, including Zalando and N26, now use Feather to help onboard new employees.

“We deeply integrate with select insurance companies providing incredible digital experience—especially for complex products that used to involve a lot of paperwork,” Schumacher says. “Simultaneously we can keep the costs down, because digital is just much cheaper than having an agent do all the paperwork for you. We pass these savings on to the customer.” 

Under the new Feather brand, the company has plans to add to both its staff and its product offerings in H2 2020.

“Without giving too much away, we’re going to be launching some new products this year that will be a worldwide first—built on our digital platform that enables a brand new customer experience,” Schumacher says. “So stay tuned!”


About Feather

Feather is a relative newcomer in the German insurance market, but has quickly made its mark by digitalizing the previously paperwork-heavy process of insurance signup and management. In addition to its branded health, personal liability, and household contents policies, the company has partnerships with several of Germany’s largest public health insurers, including TK, AOK, Barmer, and DAK. 

Feather aims to relieve the burden of researching and purchasing insurance policies, simply giving people what they need: honest, simple insurance.

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WEBSITE: feather-insurance.com
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/featherinsurance/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hello_feather
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/feather.insurance/

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