Feather Launches Legal Insurance and Legal Hotline for Expats

Feather Launches Legal Insurance and Legal Hotline for Expats


Legal insurance is like having a lawyer friend on call at all times. Learn more about our new legal insurance policy.

Expats in Germany are now able to reap the full benefits of legal insurance — all in English. 

Through a partnership with legal insurance provider ROLAND, Feather now offers English-language policy support with Germany’s expat community in mind. Using our digital platform, customers can register for a policy, file claims, and check their claim status. 

“Nearly half of German households have legal insurance” says Dr. Marius Braun, Feather’s legal insurance specialist. “Now we’re expanding those benefits to the expat market in a way that’s easy to understand.”

The policy covers customers with many standard legal insurance benefits, including protections for personal cases, rent and property disputes, and wrongful termination disputes.  Especially useful for expats is the 24-hour English-language legal hotline, which allows policyholders to talk to a lawyer who can advise them about their individual questions and advise on any potentially necessary legal action. 

“An English-language legal hotline is a first for the German market—we expect many issues can be solved through this channel alone,” says Feather CEO Dr. Rob Schumacher. “It’s like having a lawyer friend you can call at any time, and it’s completely free if you’ve got a policy with us.”  

The new legal offering is the latest addition to the Berlin-based startup’s rapidly expanding portfolio, which also includes a range of public and private health, personal liability, and household contents insurance products.

About Feather

Feather is a relative newcomer in the German insurance market but has quickly made its mark by digitalizing the previously paperwork-heavy process of insurance signup and management. In addition to its branded health, personal liability, and household contents policies, the company has partnerships with several of Germany’s largest public health insurers, including TK, AOK, Barmer, and DAK. 

Feather relieves the burden of researching and purchasing insurance policies, simply giving people what they need: honest, simple insurance.

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